Meadow Lane Site

Meadow Lane is an area of land just off the A603 near Bedford Town Football Club. It is owned by Bedford Borough Council and planning permission was granted in December 2012 for a 14 pitch gypsy & traveller site there.

The council has applied to the HCA for a grant towards the cost of building the site.

 A 9 pitch emergency stopping place at Meadow Lane was opened in August 2013 and is in operation. It is adjacent to the land proposed for the permanent site.

Bedford Borough Council also has a permanent site at Kempston Hardwick which has been in operation for many years. A further 6 pitches have been added recently.

Kempston Hardwick and Meadow Lane provide the full number of pitches required for the Borough until 2021. Therefore, there is no need for any further pitches.

The Mayor and other councillors are working hard to bring the Meadow Lane permanent site to fruition as soon as possible. Councillor Gambold and his four colleagues are fully aware of this, so it is regrettable they are pushing for a second, unsuitable site at Fairhill that is not needed.


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